Our Mission:

The Institute is committed to nurturing the constructive engagement of Religion/Spirituality and Science/Technology, and to promoting a dialogue that is interfaith and multi-science. It aims to stimulate interdisciplinary thinking and discussion in contemporary society and to foster encounters of Religion with Science by means of lectures, conferences, workshops, dialogue groups, as well as activities that support the teaching of religion and science.


Our History:

May 2011 saw the establishment of the Institute for Religion and Science, an exciting new venture hosted at Chestnut Hill College, and aimed at the “constructive engagement” of religion & science throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. The Institute continues the successful tradition of the Metanexus Institute which has relocated to New York City. Emphasizing an interfaith approach to this interdisciplinary discipline, the Institute is building a diverse Advisory Board and working on outreach programs to diverse religious and educational institutions in our area.

With generous institutional support from Chestnut Hill College and a substantial donation from the Metanexus Institute, the Institute for Religion and Science has, during 2011-2012, offered seven lectures on topics of religion and science with opportunities for attendees, and especially students, to interact with the speakers. Lectures were held at Chestnut Hill College, Cabrini College and Pendle Hill. A Reading Circle was also established and designed to encourage more engaged study of the issues at hand.

The Institute plans eventually to offer workshops and conferences on topics of interest and to develop courses in science and religion.

A donation of approximately 200 volumes from the International Society for Science and Religion as well as a donation of approximately 100 volumes from the Metanexus Institute enhances the potential for scholarship in this relatively new field of study. These volumes are housed in the Chestnut Hill College Logue Library.