Embracing Struggle: Walking in Hope with Teilhard de Chardin

with Kathy Duffy, SSJ
May 10-15, 2020
Sunday, May 10 at 6:30 pm until Friday, May 15 at noon

IHM Motherhouse, 610 West Elm Avenue
Monroe, MI 48162-7909

The call to embrace struggle is not an act of resignation but a commitment to life in its fullness. In this retreat, we walk with Teilhard de Chardin—Jesuit, scientist, mystic—and explore the struggles he faced, especially in the world and in the Church, and prayerfully reflect on our own life experiences. More information about the retreat sessions will be forthcoming.

Suggested offering is $275 and includes lunches.
($50 due at registration)

To register: call 734-240-5494 or email riverhouse@ihmsisters.org.
Registration deadline is April 23.

Note: Reasonably priced overnight accommodations are available across the street at River. House and other nearby locations. Please ask for assistance when registering.

Images of God in Teilhard and Merton

With Kathy Duffy, SSJ, PhD
May 24-28, 2020

Francis House of Prayer
84 Walnford Road, Allentown, NJ 08501

Today, when so much of the evolutionary process is being explained from a materialist view, one of the most challenging questions for believers is how to envision the role of the Divine in the ongoing creation. Yet, contemporary mystics have described powerful images that address this dilemma. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin speaks eloquently of the Cosmic Christ hinted at in Paul’s epistles to the Ephesians (1:9-10 and 4:9-10). Thomas Merton sings the praises of Divine Wisdom (Prov. 8:22-36) in his poem entitled “Hagai Sophia.” Others see the Divine as fountain fullness and the World as a revelation of the Divine.
During this retreat, we will explore these images, consider their relevance as we address the concerns of today’s world, and contemplate the presence of Divine Love at the heart of our ever-expanding Cosmos.

To register: Call 609-877-0509 or email fhop@verizon.net
Note: Space for overnight accommodations is limited; however, commuters are welcome.